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Unless you already have the best bottom line in the world...

Addressing your profitability challenges has to start someday, somehow.
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​What clients are saying

Everything in ProfitU is packed with insights and ideas for implementation right now. It challenged and inspired us, and helped us build a very practical plan that truly catapulted our profits.

CEO, Health Services

Just when you think there’s nothing else you can do to improve your bottom line, ProfitU will enlighten you to practical, achievable new possibilities.

President, Flow Measurement Controls

ProfitU challenges business leaders to attack the myths which prevent businesses from reaching their full profit potential and provides thoughtful guidance on how to deliver outstanding results. This is not flavor of the month. It’s practical, relevant, and timeless.

COO, Leading Property Development and Management Firm

Within the first 30 days of working through ProfitU we added enough profit to our bottom line to fund the entire program. Within 3 months our margins were up 5% and individual sales were up 7-13% year-over-year, enabling us to hit breakeven. Within the first 6 months, ProfitU™ transformed our business from a loss of $20K/month to profits of $18K/month.

CEO, Family-owned Distributor of Hospitality Supplies and Equipment

Our entire team was shocked when we calculated the multiplier effect of 1% found in the right areas of our business. Our Sales team got a much-needed wake-up call and started to sell value rather than just discounting to get the deal. What surprised them the most is that they didn’t lose sales – and they realized they’d been leaving money on the table for a very long time.

VP Sales, Heavy Equipment

ProfitU showed us some easy steps to improve the value we provide to our clients, in ways that will be extremely difficult for our competitors to copy. The best part is that we can build that competitive advantage without increasing overhead: an infinite ROI.

CEO, Refrigeration, Compression & Process Solutions

We were losing money, and our primary goal for ProfitU during COVID19 was simply to improve our bottom line so that we would not have to let anyone go. Not only did we easily achieve that, but we also saw bottom line results within 6 months that enabled us to start funding the Company Retirement Matching Plan for the first time in 3 years AND fund a new paint booth.

CEO, Family-owned Aircraft Service and Leasing Firm

I’ve looked to manufacturing to increase profits. ProfitU came at the issue from another angle, and delivered results.

Founder & CEO, Leading Manufacturer of Highway Semi-trailers

Simple steps and minor changes made a big difference to our bottom line.

CEO, Property Management Company

I found it quite amazing how straightforward the ProfitU approach was to increasing profitability in a few easy steps.

CEO, Telecommunications Provider

I was provided with specific tools that increased my bottom line by at least 38% immediately, and with discipline, even more.

President, Decorative Wood Products & Services

We knew that re-work was killing our bottom line and driving customers away. Our biggest wake-up call was working through the Staple Yourself to the Experience exercise and finally realizing how many hidden costs and problems were completely outside of the manufacturing process. Stripping out those costs in Semester 2 had a huge impact on our bottom line and helped us retain our clients.

President, Family-owned Concrete Ready-Mix and Products

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