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Profit can fund solutions for almost every business challenge you’re wrestling with.

Here's how to find your profit in plain sight.

Increase sales at healthier margins. 

Eliminate costs that shouldn't even BE in your business (instead of ruthless cost-cutting). 

Obliterate costly operational inefficiencies that impact customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Safely price for value in ways that are difficult for competitors to copy or undercut.

Add low-risk, low-cost innovation to gain and maintain a competitive advantage in fast-changing markets.  

That's the ProfitU learning roadmap. 

With a Dashboard to track and manage implementation.

If your employees can surf the web, they’ll love this fun, bite-sized, cloud-based eLearning and Doing system, with no travel, no downtime!

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Learn with profitU





With ProfitU

Put the power of a proven curriculum and weekly learning routine to work generating rapid bottom line results as employees eagerly engage your customers and suppliers to help you grow healthy revenues and eliminate costs that shouldn’t even BE in your business.

Year one curriculum screen
Year two curriculum example
Year one curriculum example
90 minute timer icon

Short, powerful weekly elearning modules embed the ProfitU principles, insights, and strategies into your business, quickly changing mindsets forever while shifting the everyday behaviors that create or destroy profit.

Do with profit in plain sight dashboard





with the Profit in Plain Sight Dashboard

Say goodbye to herding cats - from the front line to the C-suite – when you show your team exactly how to win with the Profit in Plain Sight Dashboard, a one-stop shop for weekly accountability driven by a visual, color-coded Profit PLAYBOOK and To Dos (Profit PLAYS).

ProfitU dashboard on computer screen
Profit plays dashboard on laptop

Comprehensive, powerful, visual scoreboards show  your team exactly how to “Turn it Green” and celebrate every win, taking small everyday actions that significantly improve profits.

Which existing-yet-unproductive weekly meeting will YOU and your TEAM replace with the power of ProfitU? 

Unproductive meeting
90 minute timer icon

Don't Just Learn. Implement.
Don't Just Talk. Take Action.
Don't Just Snooze. Succeed.

A weekly 90-minute committed Learn/Do timeslot transforms “busy work” into “biz e-work” that engages and focuses your team on applying what they learn directly to your business to generate results.

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Return on people benchmark chart
…Easily add a game-changing “profit” discipline you knew as a child but forgot as a business leader, that quickly creates Take it to the Bank results?
… Discover 14 ways to painlessly eliminate hidden costs that you’ll never miss, even if you think you’ve already cut costs to the bone?
…Creatively leverage 5 opportunities to optimize your supply-side expenses, instead of just “cutting costs”?
… Have ProfitU pay for itself many times over right from the start so that you never have to “find the budget” to say yes?
University icon

Core Driver: Benchmark, then build pain-free profit disciplines for Take-it-to-the-Bank results that cover the cost of ProfitU many times over.

It’s not that your profit goals are too high and you miss them. It’s because you don’t know what’s really possible so you never get to where you could be.

84% of CEO’s polled are shocked to learn that they rate a D or an F on the Return on People Benchmark. The Benchmark changes mindsets forever and with their competitive instincts aroused, your team quickly sets the bar higher. The positive reinforcement of rapid, tangible results makes this a game they’ll love to win!

What would be possible if you knew how to…

When you asked us to plot our “Return on People” our profit was ($9,995) per employee. While our management knew we were in a loss position, seeing ourselves “at the bottom of the class” was very impactful. We have just achieved $31,000 of profit per employee – the highest profitability level in the company’s history.


CFO, Major North American Roofing Manufacturer

Profit save wins chart
Take it to the bank chart
… Benchmark and completely reset your mindset (and that of your employees) regarding what your profitability should be? And then achieve results they never thought they could?

 Learn How the Bootcamp keeps ProfitU cash flow positive From Day 1 >

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Profit playbook dashboard
Customer profitability ratio chart

Shift mindsets and the small, unnoticed and unmanaged everyday behaviors to impact profit, increase customer loyalty and grow high-margin sales.


Until now, there’s been no systematic way to spot and shift those behaviors for good but, once you learn how, it becomes as automatic as tying your shoes.


You’ll also learn how to conduct Value Creation Conversations (VCCs) with your customers to measure their level of loyalty (vs world class) and identify all the opportunities and issues that will drive ongoing activities and results in ProfitU that will increase loyalty.

… How to easily have your customers and employees effortlessly make the small behavioral changes every day that improve margins? Watch the graph turn green!
… Exactly which customers could and should be doing more business with you?
Hint: every blue square on the Dashboard is Sales opportunity and turning it Green is good!
… The 2 straightforward-but-overlooked strategies that jump start the deadwood in your database to increase profitable sales?

We took our Customer Profitability Ratio (CPR) from 2:1 to 5:1 within 1 year – a huge boost to profitability. 


President, Privately Held North American
Custom Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer 

Profit playbook dashboard

Core Driver: The 5Rs of Customer Profitability that exponentially impact your bottom line.  

What is the cost of not knowing…
…Which of your largest customers are in the red zone… costing you more than they’re worth? Knowing your Customer Profitability Ratio is “CPR” for your bottom line.
Hint: every red square on the Dashboard is an opportunity to improve your customer relationships AND your profit!

 Learn How to Engage Your Employees in Proactive Customer Profitability Management >

Sales opportunities chart

Core Driver: Eliminate Profit Leaks to Reduce Costs and Improve Quality & Service.

Get it right the first time framework

 Get it Right
the First Time Framework






Magnifying glass
…Where re-work costs and profit leaks are creating costly sludge throughout your business, not just in operations? When your team creates a visual of all the sludge, they’ll be very motivated to fix it.
…What you need to do differently to stop band-aiding costly issues and eliminate hidden costs by solving them for good? Stopping the band-aiding eliminates a lot of day-to-day frustration for your employees and increases engagement.

Many great quality initiatives begin and end on the shop floor, yet that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


Your customers and employees already know exactly where all the other costly work-arounds and do-overs, are hiding in your business, driving them crazy.


Until now there’s been no easy way to get it out for good. That sludge reduces profits and negatively impacts employee morale, engagement and customer loyalty.

… How to prioritize what to tackle first for maximum positive impact on your customers and bottom line, & stay out of overwhelm using the 90-90-90 Action Plan? Balancing rapid results with longer-term projects keeps motivation high.

I’ve looked to manufacturing to increase profits. 

ProfitU came at the issue from another angle
and delivered results. 


Founder & CEO, Leading Manufacturer Transport Trailers 

Obliterate sledge chart
How quickly would your profits grow if you knew…

Learn How to Safely Grow Profits by Getting it Right the First Time >

Sludge water icon

Core Driver: Improve Margins with 7 Creative Price-for-Value Strategies.

Money icon

Even the best-managed businesses often use by-guess-and-by-golly pricing and discounts to fend off competitors or quickly close a deal, because academic pricing theory is too impractical to implement in dynamic changing markets.


Unfortunately, every 1% of margin left on the table, has an exponentially negative impact on your profitability. Getting it right has exactly the same exponential impact on your bottom line – only its positive!

Magnifying glass
… Who has the pricing power and how to safely test potential pricing changes to avoid mistakes, backlash, or lost business? 
… How to use creative thinking to get your team unstuck from ‘we’ve always done it this way” practices, develop new pricing models that change the playing field on your competition and improve margins, yet customers love them? 
…How to prioritize which pricing opportunities to test and implement  first to see rapid results on you bottom line? 
$ Icon
How much money are you leaving on the table because you don’t know…

Learn How 7 Price for Value Strategies Safely Increases Margins >

The team was extremely nervous about changing pricing because the Pricing Matrix showed us that we did not have the pricing power. The creative ways to “change the playing field” that they learned in ProfitU and the safe way to test new pricing won them over. Our margins increased by over 6%

without any customer complaints or lost business – unbelievable impact on our bottom line.


National Sales Director, Computer Peripherals

Price for value chart

Learn How to Find the 8 Zones of Innovation Success >

Core Driver: Identify Commercially Successful Areas of Opportunity with the Innovation Matrix.

Innovation matrix

Innovation is essential because it’s no longer an option to continue flogging tired and outdated product lines at razor thin margins or at a loss – especially with unexpected competition often blindsiding you or making your offerings obsolete. 

Until now there hasn’t been a straightforward roadmap for immediately differentiating commercially successful opportunities from those that will fail.


The good news is that you don’t need a large R&D budget to find your next generation of profitable products or services that will leave your competition saying ‘we should have thought of that!'

Magnifying glass
… Which of your legacy products and services are in the Red Zone for growth and profit, even though they’re still selling well today? And how to give them a refresh that adds competitive advantage so they’ll keep selling for longer?
… How to use the fun Innovation Cocktail Methodology to find eight opportunities to innovate for immediate competitive advantage without requiring a large R&D budget?
… The best approach to safely and successfully expand your product or service lines into the Green Zones of profitable growth?
ROI chart
Ignite icon

Can you afford not to know…


Our Team has not been able to stop talking about the new innovation opportunities they spotted in this week’s lesson.. Simple – easy – effective, it has them thinking differently! And the memory trick to keep spotting even more opportunities – truly powerful!


Chief Business Development Officer, Heat-treated and Forged Metal Components

Mindsets can change in an instant.  Embedding the new behaviors to replace outdated “busyness as usual” takes time and practice.

That’s why ProfitU is designed as a comprehensive 2-year inhouse Elearning and Doing roadmap, supported by the Profit in Plain Sight Dashboard.


That’s how ProfitU delivers rapid, sustainable Take-it-to-the-Bank Results, instead of just a quick-fix, temporary, easily-forgotten intervention.

Your next step to sustain your gains is to expand your scope and layer in advanced practices in Year 2.  Details below.

Thereafter, accessing the Dashboard as a SaaS keeps the momentum going, so that you can easily continue to hold your team accountable to apply what they’ve learned and track results.  Details below.



​Initially, you’ll only commit to the no-cost Bootcamp and the first year of ProfitU, which is cash-flow positive from Day 1.

You have nothing to lose by getting started. And everything to gain by continuing to drive results.


Year 2
Achieve Profit Mastery…

By now you’ve celebrated a LOT of wins: Increased Sales, Improved Margins, Lower Costs, Higher Take-it-to-the-Bank Profits, Improved Operations and Efficiencies, Engaged Employees, Loyal Customers, Better Supplier Relationships, and you have redeployed cash from your Growth Vault to achieve your Profit Wish List. Wow!

Profit PLAYS Wins

Keep the momentum going as you lock in the learning and new behaviors you’ve already achieved, creating a robust culture of PROFIT: People. Results. Optimized.

You’ll continue to Take-it-to-the-Bank and increase the profit in your Growth Vault as you double the number of partnership-oriented customers on your Dashboard, optimize your Customer Experience to increase loyalty and decrease costs-to-serve, evaluate an additional 14 Price-for-Value strategies, and explore 8 more Uncommon Ways to Innovate in mature or stagnant markets.


In Year 3 and beyond…
You’ve “graduated”, go use this!

It time to “lather, rinse, repeat”, continuing to use all the tools and strategies you’ve learned to strengthen a corporate culture where every employee pays attention to the small everyday behaviors that create or destroy profitability, supported by the Profit in Plain Sight Dashboard to track progress, wins, and Take it to the Bank impact.

ProfitU dashboard

Your Employee, Customer, and Supplier relationships will continue to strengthen, as will your Financials.  As you continue to use the Dashboard to track and manage effort and result, you'll embed all those ProfitU strategies into your culture, until having every employee automatically take care of the bottom line simply becomes the way you do business.

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